HalalWe are certified by the USA Halal Chamber of Commerce, Inc., endorsed by the Islamic Society Washington Area, in Washington, D.C. to produce, and distribute Halal Philly Style Steaks, in beef, chicken, and lamb.

For any questions, please give us a call, (610) 259-6000


Halal "Premium" Beef Sandwich SliceSSH
Halal "Favorite" Beef Sandwich SliceSPH
Halal Beef Sandwich Slice (Value Added)YMH
Halal "Favorite" Jerk Beef Sandwich SliceSPHJ
Halal "Premium" Chicken Thigh Sandwich SliceCSAH
Halal "Premium" Jerk Chicken Thigh Sandwich SliceCSAHJ
Halal "Favorite" Lamb Sandwich SliceSPHL

Halal Beef
Halal Chicken
Halal Lamb

Look for these retail packages in your local Supermarket