Originally founded in 1995, by Odysseas Akranis and Efstathios Rafailidis. Philly’s Best Steak Company, Inc. is privately owned and family operated. It is our intent to utilize our 25 years of experience in the food industry to initiate intuitive ideas and techniques that will enhance our customers’ sale opportunities. Our “hands on” style of ownership has kept Philly’s Best a step ahead of the competition. Through the years, we have developed a reputation as an industry standard and innovator in product development. Customer loyalty has been the key to our growth and success as a result of our on-going commitment to quality, authenticity, taste, and customer satisfaction.

…At Philly’s Best Steak Company, Inc., we believe the relationship we have with our customers is a partnership. So that we may strive to exceed all expectations and reach our goals together.

– Odysseas Akranis, 1995
Founder & CEO

We produce many of Philadelphia’s most authentic & original brands, from our very own facilities, as well as flavored Philly steaks and “Gyro Style” Philly steaks. Which reach a wide customer base including: pizzerias, restaurants, universities, stadiums, military bases, and healthcare facilities throughout North America.